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Mostly, when people make a decision to have an alarm system fitted to their home or business, it’s a rushed one because they were recently broken into and must secure their premises with a matter of urgency.


Yes! It’s important to take action but don’t rush into things without understanding what you’re getting into first. Alarms add value to your home and different lifestyles and properties require different systems. Once you’ve been fitted with an alarm system by a reputable company, you won’t regret your decision – a secure property brings peace of mind.

Here are the most vital tips to having an alarm system fitted:  

    • Ensure that you use a reputable security systems company that offers a range of superior security systems.
    • Take into consideration all aspects of your environment; for example outdoor beams only work effectively when installed on a flat landscape.
    • Consider 3 factors – monitoring, installation and home automation - when shopping for an alarm system because this will assist you in determining which system and therefore company best suits your needs. Ask yourself:
      • Will my system be monitored by a security centre?
      • Will I do my own installation or will I get a professional to do it?
      • Will I install a home automation system, which gives me the ability to control various events in my home beyond just basic security, for example turning lights on and off from a remote location?

If you are unsure how to answer these and other questions on your own, don’t be afraid to ask the security companies you invite to quote on fitting your alarm system. The one that answers you most openly and honestly and you feel most comfortable with, is most likely the one you’ll settle with regardless of price.

    • Pay close attention to the alarm company’s contract and whether you’ll end up owning the security equipment or not. If you’re a renter or planning to stay on the property for no longer than 3 years then a company requiring you to sign a long-term contract won’t work for your lifestyle. However, some companies offer moving programmes that allow you to transfer your service and equipment for free, while others let you own your equipment outright.
    • Consider your budget and ensure that you know exactly how much you are prepared to spend on securing your home. This will help you and your security consultant when it comes to making important decisions.

At the end of the day it’s your money and your safety that’s at stake so you should think carefully about the system and company you decide to use. Most importantly though, go with your gut instinct: go with the company and system that makes you feel most safe and secure!

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